Monday, March 30, 2015


It's been very cloudy the last few days and I've not had much opportunity for taking any SCENIC pictures.  I did spot the first blooming crocus in our yard this afternoon.  It's blooming in an area near the dryer exhaust vent which is probably why it's blooming when none of the others in the yard are.  HWNSNBP tried to transplant a couple of perennials just the other day and could not get down deep enough into the soil as the ground was still frozen.  

And today was a busy day besides.  A early morning MRI followed by breakfast with a friend.  Then a doctor follow-up appt. and lunch with another friend (brought most of that home!).  And this evening I had PT which brought me to the county Ballpark and it was sunny by that time so I took a picture of the field lights against the cloudy sky.  A little more graphic than SCENIC - but I tried.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


I "planted" some paperwhite bulbs in a bowl of SHINY glass stones today.  We do this normally between Thanksgiving and Christmas but somehow a package of bulbs got tucked away out of sight in the basement refrigerator and were recently found and since I still had the bowl of clear marbles in the kitchen, I stripped the paper husks off the bulbs and set them in it adding a layer of the blue stones on top for some spring color.  Then I mixed just a little white vinegar with water and added that to the bowl just barely touching the bottom of the bulbs.  The vinegar is supposed to keep the paperwhites from getting too tall and straggly.  I don't think we'll have flowers in time for Easter, but flowers anytime is always a good thing.

Yesterday HWNSNBP and I went on a little adventure visiting some fun places and I indulged myself in some pre-birthday purchases.  I picked up this little succulent and flower pot at the Great Swamp Nursery and since I was making a mess with the bulbs I made an even bigger one potting this up today.

Just to give you an idea of the size of the plant I put a quarter on top of it.

I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it at home on my windowsill or take it to work for my desk.

While I was doing this there was a lot of squawking going on in the other room.  Kirby was preening himself and that feather got stuck to his lower beak.  He just looked so funny parading around the top of the cage with it hanging there I just had to take his picture.  He doesn't look too happy does he?

Saturday, March 28, 2015


If you look at it a little squinty you might see some fish swimming around on the paper.  

We did some errands this morning.  Fun things like visiting a candy store, a paper store, and the Great Swamp Nursery.  This fellow was hanging out amongst the succulents.

These are spent orchid blossoms - I could not get enough pictures.

BLACK & WHITE challenge.  


To use them I'll be TAKING A BREAK.  I'm also TAKING A BREAK from work - 

It's spring recess for the staff and students and I decided to take some of my vacation days.  I have a lot of things planned for the next week.  More about that then.

These eggs were given to me by the school nurse who was covering for our nurse whose been out for the last couple of weeks.  I did not even know that she raised chickens and wow, when I got home and took a look at these eggs I was so pleasantly surprised.  They're pretty enough to be Easter eggs just the way they are!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Okay, so it's not a human-size building but the bluebirds are looking into moving into the neighborhood at school.  And no, it's not decorated for St. Patrick's Day, although we were kidding that we would tell people that it was a leprechaun trap.  We were noticing several varieties of unwanted bird species trying to lay claim to the box within the last few weeks.  So I mentioned to the custodian that we needed a "Sparrow Spooker" to keep the undesirables out.  Then I showed him a picture on the internet and the next day, he surprised us with his rendition of  one and even put it up.  

The premise is that most birds are afraid of the shiny mylar and will be scared away.  The bluebirds however don't mind the "tackiness" of the new BUILDING ARCHITECTURE and will have more of a chance of claiming the property.  In our case I think it worked!  I almost want to believe that I see some grass in her beak.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that the custodian brought his camera in, with a 200 mm lens, for me to use.  Boy, was that sucker heavy.  I still stepped outside the front door so I didn't get the haziness through the window screens.  I wish we could put a nestcam in there but the line would have to pass over the bus lane so it's a no go.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


A FEELING ........... How do you feel when you get a package in the mail?  Happiness.  Anticipation.  Giddiness.  Curiosity.  Thankfulness.  Many feelings.  Wonder what's in there?


I've fallen a day behind.  These are not snowflakes.  I call them frost blossoms.  They are UNIQUE like snowflakes however in that no two are exactly the same.  They grow on the windshield of my car some mornings.  Sometimes there are so many of them that you can't even see out the window.  This morning I was thankful that there were not enough to obstruct my vision as I wanted to get into work a little earlier having left yesterday without setting up for today like I usually do.  And truth be told, I was at a loss for this prompt yesterday and tried something last night that didn't work out and was still thinking about it this morning on my way to work when the inspiration struck.  Thus the guardrail on the side of the road as I slowed down to take the picture.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jingle Belles - Another EMBOSS-ible Mission

Recap - the Jingle Belles challenge for this fortnight was to using embossing of any kind.  I've got two kinds of embossing on this card - wet and dry.  The brick panel is an embossing folder that I sponged light gray ink on.  I cut away some of the excess white paper to see the gray card base.

The Wondrous Wreath stamp was stamped in Old Olive and Mossy Meadow and the berries were embossed in gold EP.  

I usually don't ask HWNSNBP for his opinion before I'm done with my cards but this time I did.  I asked whether the "JOY" should go inside the center of the wreath or in the lower right corner and I took his suggestion.  

Now I'm off to see the other embossed beauties at the Jingle Belles blog.  

Monday, March 23, 2015


ON MY MIND today, and sorry to be so serious, drug allergies.  I had a reaction to a new medication yesterday, something I have actually taken before but now at a larger dosage.  It didn't require emergency services, but I did break out in hives on my face, neck and shoulders.  I knew enough not to take the second pill yesterday and today there is less but still some evidence of a reaction.  

All this because of some new neck and shoulder pain which has been driving me crazy for the last 3 weeks.  I kept putting off doing anything about it because "it will go away in time".  But last Monday I couldn't take it anymore and made my appointment with my spine doctor.  More meds, more PT, more tests................. and this was supposed to be a better year.  

Well the good news is that the medication was helping, so if we can find something similar then maybe this won't drag on.  Tomorrow I start PT yet again.  That will put a dent in my free time and I was just getting into a good groove up in the stamp cave.  

Anyhoo, in the picture above is the origami tulip I first tried out with kraft paper.  The tip is kind of smooshy because of the bulkiness.  And on the bottom is a new pouch that I picked up this weekend for my travel zentangle kit.  I thought the cork facing was cool.  I hope it holds up.